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Acrylic Cages

When it comes to housing birds and reptiles, experts have begun to recommend acrylic cages. Acrylic cages are made of a strong, durable material, and can be custom made to fit the needs of any bird or reptile.

Acrylic cages are tougher than glass enclosures, and more comfortable than metal bird cages. Acrylic cages are clean and easy to turn into a beautiful, comfortable habitat. The addition of climbing bars for birds can be done in a snap!

Because they are built to the needs of the animal they hold, Acrylic cages can be made tall to mimic a tree dwelling environment or outdoor aviary with comfortable manzanita perches for birds and reptiles to climb on. They can also be made shorter for the purposes of housing tortoises or pythons.

Acrylic cages are easy to clean. They look much nicer in a home setting than a wire cage. The acrylic material used to make acrylic cages is stronger than glass, which can crack or break with little provocation.




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